Introducing the Black Fives Converse All Star “Original” Laser-Detailed Leather Hi.

Black Fives Original Laser-Detailed Converse All Stars

Sweet and classic, like wing-tips. Do you wear ’em or save ’em?

These are some new pre-Chuck Taylors with an upper made of laser-detailed leather.

The intricate laser detailing and etching is inspired by the art-deco ballroom style of the 1920s and 1930s and reminiscent of men’s “wing-tip” dress shoes.

Within the design, on the inside of the tongue, is an iconic logo of a couple dancing, the same graphic depicted on a Renaissance Ballroom dance program from that period.

The Renaissance Ballroom in Harlem (New York City) was built in 1923. For more than a generation it was the home court of the world’s champion New York Renaissance basketball team.

Renaissance Ballroom program

This original Renaissance Ballroom dance program inspired the shoe’s laser-detailed design.

The all-black Rens were arguably the best basketball team of the 20th century.

Converse outfitted the Rens with its then-state-of-the-art shoes. Games were accompanied by jazz orchestras and dancing followed well past midnight. Basketball became a meaningful social event that went beyond the game itself.

So it’s only fitting that Converse resurrect it’s original styles, add some flare to honor the past, and once again create a meaningful social event — this time out of a shoe.

These kicks are surprisingly sweet from the moment you take ’em out the box, starting with the smell. You’ll be torn between whether to put ’em on or put ’em away in your special stash for a special day.

The leather itself is soft and exquisite, and the shoes come in a neatly packed canvas bag, just like the Century Pack styles except without the vintage wooden boxes. Also, there’s just the right amount of antique distressing — the Converse Athletic Shoe ankle patch and the Chuck Taylor heel label — for that usual All Star vintage-worn look.

The shoe itself feels sturdy and durable. The quality, texture, and craftsmanship are pure Converse. Different, yet the same. Taking something old, making it new.

Plus these are part of the company’s Black Fives collection.

Once again, a beautiful rendition of a classic shoe. This new style definitely makes history now.

Please let us know what you think of these new shoes when you get a chance. Thanks.

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